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The Folk Show 12-26-21 (pre-recorded)

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Due to the resurgence of COVID-19, Northwestern University has closed the campus through the first couple of weeks of the next quarter’s classes. So, we are back to producing shows offsite and uploading them.

Here is today’s show, hosted by Sue Kessell. Hour 1 includes her interview with Sons of the Never Wrong. They are part of Evanston’s First Night event on December 31st and they are at Acoustic Renaissance in Hinsdale (and online) on Saturday January 8th.
In the second hour of the show, Sue speaks with Emily Guthrie about the above-mentioned First Night event.

Here’s our playlist.

Breakfast with the Bagels 2-20-21 – The Snow and Cold Edition and a Folk Show Fill-in


There is no Folk Show today due to a WNUR sports fundraiser so consider listening to this today. It’s yesterday’s Bagels show. Since there is no Folk Show today, we included our Folk concert calendar as part of the show and we also feature a good sprinkling of tunes we would have played on today’s Folk Show.

WNUR Folk Show 12-27-20 – Week 3 of our Holiday Extravaganza

Folk Show Archives

Here is yesterday’s show featuring our chats with Sally Fingerett, Jenny and Robin Bienemann, Kathy Cowan, Rachel Drew and Gerald Dowd, and Julian Hoover.

In addition, our annual playing of Jody Alis’ Christmas Time Alone was especially poignant this year and we finish the show with Auld Lang Syne from the newly released Cry Cry Cry Live at the Freight